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Mar 6, 2013 at 5:11 am
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Most of us know each other and understand each others' personalities, but I'm afraid that some of the language/behavior could turn away potential members from joining.

I think it's time we actually laid out what crosses the line and what doesn't.

Some might say "free speech, blah blah blah" but I like that we can have fun as a club while also being mature and respectful - something that's hard to find in the majority of car clubs/websites these days.

I'll try to keep these simple. If you don't follow the rules I will at the very least edit your posts without warning, so save yourself the effort and don't break them in the first place.

1 - Be respectful No insulting of other members - this includes grouping them into stereotypes. You can criticize Lamborghini all you want, but not Lamborghini owners, for example.

2 - Keep vulgar words to a minimum We're all adults and it doesn't need to be PG, but absolutely no offensive terms based on race, gender, sexuality, etc. will be tolerated

3 - No spamming Don't join this site simply to promote your own events that you profit from (Dan you're not the only one getting in trouble )

Any other suggestions are welcome

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